Anti-e-toll song hits YouTube

South African musician Greg Georgiades has composed an e-toll-protest song, following the ongoing debate over e-toll implementation on South African roads.

The track was posted on the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) YouTube channel yesterday (Tuesday), and has around 400 views so far.

OUTA said Georgiades “did it for the cause” without request from the alliance.

OUTA accused South African Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) on Monday of not taking public opinion into consideration with its plans.

Lyrics include lines such as “no e-toll, you take the breath from us” and “there’s a tax for freedom, there’s nothing left at all”.

HumanIPO reported earlier today on the announcement made by Ben Martins, Minister of Transport, regarding a master plan to establish e-tolls on national roads throughout the country.

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