Kenyan church turns to technology to collect tithe

Christ is the Answer Ministries (Citam), a renowned church in Kenya, is allowing members to pay their tithes by swiping their credit or debit cards.

According to the The Standard, the church resorted to electronic to embrace changing times. members can also pay digitally via the church’s website.

“We are adjusting to modern times. Previously offering and tithe was paid in cowrie shells. Then came currency and soon plastic money will be more widespread. That is where we are going,” the presiding Bishop of Citam, Bishop Oginde, said.

Most urban churches in Kenya have embraced technology to spur their agenda. This includes projecting Bible passages on big screens and using multimedia during the services. Worshippers can use their iPads and smartphones to access their digital Bibles. In some churches, tweeting is allowed during services.

“It all boils down to our target audience. Citam wanted to tap into the young urban professionals and we went ahead to tailor our services to their needs,” Bishop Oginde said.

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