IEBC website down today

Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) website has been down all day, as the country awaits the results of yesterday’s polls.

While a bespoke “vote” section of the website has been working, the home website of the organisation has been down all day, displaying an error message and making it impossible to contact the organisation through the official routes.

Meanwhile, the IEBC has been pushing its “Results Gadget” via social media – the gadget providing an online tool for members of the public to keep track of trends as the organisation counts the votes coming in from polling stations across the country.

However, the results site has also received negative attention, with members of the public complaining via Twitter that the tally displayed on the site has remained stagnant for hours at a time, thus not reflecting the true developments in the counting process.

The IEBC has not survived the election process unscathed, as the biometric voter registration (BVR) system it envisaged failed, resulting in many locations resorting to manual registration to enable voting to take place, while there have also been “glitches” to the transmission system delaying the counting of votes.

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