Nokia Lumia 920 voted smartphone of the year

Over 280,000 readers have voted the Nokia Lumia 920 as the smartphone of the year 2012 in the Engadget Awards, with Apple Macbook Pro with retina display emerging laptop of the year.

Market analysts hope Nokia Lumia 920’s nomination would boost phonemaker Nokia’s reputation, which has been waning over the past few years.

In the laptop category, Apple Macbook Pro with retina display resisted stiff competition from Razor Blade to emerge the laptop of the year.

Dell carried the day in the desktop category with its Dell Alienware X51 that tries to target the gaming market. Apart from its performance, Alienware X51 has a sophisticated design, which its manufacturer says can fit in any living space.

Microsoft Surface RT was voted the tablet of the year, living up to Microsoft’s hopes that it could give the company a bite into the tablet market, with the device said to have been in the making in the last three years.

Among other devices that won awards were Amazon Kindle Fire HD, as the e-reader of the year, Canon’s EOS 5d Mark III, as digital camera of the year, and GoPro Hero3, as the wearable device of the year.

Another gaming device, Sony Playstation 3 Slim, was crowned the game console of the year.

Samsung clinched the HDTV of the year award and Apple TV the home entertainment product of the year.

Other winners include the Apple iPod touch as audio product of the year, Microsoft Kinect as peripheral of the year and Curiosity Mars Rover as robot of the year.

Nexus Q was crowned the worst gadget of the year. Engadget had in mid-2012 complained about the functionality given the high prices of the device.

“Well, it’s a high-end device with a $299 MSRP, a price that’s multiple times higher higher than media streamers like the Apple TV, anything from Roku and, indeed, Google’s own Google TV. And yet, the Q has considerably less functionality than any of them,” a statement on the site read.

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