EiENigeria updates ReVoDa, reveals new ShineYourEye mobile app

Enough Is Enough Nigeria, a coalition of groups promoting a culture of good governance, has revealed it is set to launch an updated version of its mobile app, ReVoDa.

Yemi Ademolekun, Executive Director of EiENigeria, was speaking today at Social Media Week Lagos, where she said the new version will allow users to connect to the police, access legal publications and other public information from one interface.

Ademolekun said the coalition has decided to improve upon the app that was used to monitor the last general elections in Nigeria.

“With the 2.0 version, users can get actively involved in discussions on several issues apart from elections. These include issues like corruption, security, electricity, National Assembly, elections and petitions,” she said.

She also revealed the coalition is working on a new app project through which Nigerians can connect with the legislators in the National Assembly.
She said the app is called ShineYourEye. The website is already live.

“We got the idea from Kenya’s Mzalendo. Unlike Nigeria, Kenya has impressive data on their leaders and it is easier for citizens to connect with them. We are planning to do the same thing in Nigeria,” she said.

She however stressed that the developers are contending with several challenges including the one posed by the large number of legislators in Nigeria.
“It is very difficult to reach all of them, but we are doing all that is within our power,” she said.

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